About Me

Hi! My name is Vincent Carlino. I'm a second-year student at Northeastern University majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Music Recording. I have skills and experience with programming in Java, HTML, CSS, C++, and I am currently teaching myself JavaScript and React Native. I enjoy computer science because I enjoy solving logical problems and being able to understand how things work below the surface.

I enjoy back-end development because it allows me to have full control over how a program functions for a user. Additionally, I really enjoy web development and user-interface design. I believe that the visual design of a program is just as important as its functionality and I love customizing my user experience in a program so that it is both nice to look at and does what it needs to do.

Personal Work

Music Editor

In my Object-Oriented Programming class, a classmate and I were responsible for constructing and implementing a music editor in Java as our final project. The editor is able to read from text files to contruct songs (using the builder pattern) and has a variety of standard features such as the ability to add and remove notes from the piece as well as pause/play functionality. This project was used to test our knowledge and understanding of a variety of OOP design patterns. It utilizes the Java Swing graphics library for the user interface.

Project Pedometer

Project Pedometer is a mobile game that I am currently co-developing with 3 other programmers from my home town. The game is planned to play like a turn-based RPG that utilizes the pedometer in the mobile device to track and accumulate currency that is used to perform actions in-game. The project is being used as a learning experience by my team to get familiar with programming in React Native.

My Startpage

Startpages are simple HTML files that typically list your most frequently used sites and services. There is an abundance of startpage templates online that users can tweak to meet their needs. I constructed my own startpage with functional dropdown menus and a night-mode button. This project acted as my introduction to web-design and HTML/CSS. I loved the process of creating this startpage and I'm still looking to improve its design and functionality.

Work Experience

Snell Library

Inter-library Loan Assistant

October 2015 - Present

At Snell Library, I am responsible for shipping our books to other libraries and schools so that their users can get resources not regularly accessible to them. Additionally, I'm responsible for navigating a database of electronic articles to find resources that need to be sent via the RapidILL sharing system.

Liberty Moving and Storage Co.

Operations Assistant

June 2016 - September 2016

At Liberty Moving, I directed various work crews to assist the process of refurbishing the dormitories of Stony Brook University. The work varied from large moves (filling a building with furniture) to small maintenance tasks (replacing a broken refrigerator in an occupied residence). I also took part in teaching new employees proper lifting technique to ensure saftey in the workplace.

St. Thomas More Church


July 2014 - September 2015

At Saint Thomas More, I was responsible for collecting and processing the weekly donations that came to the church. I utilized church database software to keep track of parish income. In addition, I was responsible for responding to incoming phone calls.

Artwork | Design